Celebrating Dads! #LittleVictories

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I love how social media is celebrating dads!  According to Bravado Designs, they recently conducted a survey in which 87% of new moms ranked new dads as the #1 person they rely on for emotional support for breastfeeding. I know this is definitely true for me! I could not have successfully nursed our son for 15 months without my husband’s love and support. It was definitely an uphill battle in the beginning with latching issues, mastitis, and tremendous pain but I got through it! With baby #2 on the way, I know my husband will be there to support and help me again through my breastfeeding journey. 


Check out this awesome You Tube video by Chris Pegula, Diaper Dude:

Celebrating the #LittleVictories Moms Achieve Each Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all your fabulous dads out there!