New Mom Beauty Tips from Polly Blitzer

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA…we’ve been busy with play dates, music class, swimming and enjoying the rest of summer!  Being a SAHM means that you forgo some of the beauty luxuries that you had before baby like actually taking the time to style and blow dry your hair, doing more than just eyeliner and lipgloss, and taking the time to shave your legs!

Well, I’d like to share with you some beauty secrets that I learned from Polly Blitzer. She’s a beauty industry expert and a new mom to TWINS! I only have one and I figure if she can do it so can I! Say it with me moms, “we can and will look amazing!” with a few shortcuts!

Here are some of my faves!

  • Want to stretch your hairstyle an extra four or five days? Shampoo only the hairline and keep the rest of your hair safe in a shower cap. The hairline shows grease more than anything else so you can salvage and extend your style, giving you the luxury of quicker showers. You can later blot away grease at the part with hand-sanitizing spray (alcohol evaporates it!)
  • During the whirlwind of prepping for a family getaway, I inevitably leave something out and have to get creative. You can MacGyver your way to glamour with body lotion (hair pros use it to thwart frizz), olive oil (adds sheen to lids, cheek bones and legs), a credit card (curls lashes, parts hair) and raspberries (the natural pigments stain lips and cheeks).
  • Switch to longer-lasting treatments and you’ll save yourself tons of money and time on beauty. Instead of weekly manicures, give bare nails a high-shine gloss with a nail buffing chamois. Skip a salon waxing for an at-home hair epilator tool like Philips Satin Perfect Epilator, which keeps skin smooth and stubble-free for up to four weeks. You can get yours on Amazon at
  • Put your tweezers on probation until further notice! This season’s thick full brows are the arch rival of your pluckers. Keep your brows lush and tidy with a Philips Precision Perfect. The eyebrow comb evens out unruly hairs, so you look instantly polished.
  • This is no secret but I thought I would share! Big sunglasses are amazing for hiding sleep deprivation and hangovers (that was pre-baby, right??)
  • Good news for moms everywhere: Your messy mom ‘do is perfectly on trend. The fall runways forecast intricate updos, from tousled knots and sleek buns. To turn your look from lazy to lovely in seconds, pull hair back into a messy bun and throw a chic pin below it. Polly calls it Nape Candy!
  • Want to look wide awake when you’re running on empty? Hide dark circles with a swipe of a luminizing pen then camouflage puffiness with a sweep of matte bronzer on the lightest part of the puffiness. Beyonce’s makeup artist taught me this. It’s the best beauty contouring – the opposite principle of highlighting.
  • If there’s one word to describe life as a new mom, it’s clutter. I have twins and there’s just no space for my beauty arsenal anymore. I save time and counter space with products that multitask. My favorites: chubby color pencils. You can apply them without looking and add color to lips, eyes and cheeks that blend into skin with a finger.  I call them my ‘sticks of beauty dynamite!’” I also use oil-absorbing sheets that can be used to set makeup, blot away shine, and revive greasy roots when I don’t have time wash my hair.

Comfort & Harmony Mombo Nursing Pillow Review

Comfort & Harmony Mombo Nursing Pillow Review



I really liked this pillow; first as a nursing pillow and second as a pillow that I can let my son lie down in and hold a bottle. Even at 9 months old he loves to lie down and drink a bottle at night. The Mombo is perfect for that. It helps hold his arms up so that he can drink his bottle and he actually really likes the vibration.

photo (7)

The only downside is that the vibration sensor is placed right in the middle of the pillow, so when my son moves his head he often times turns it off and on. I like that the cover can be removed and the pillow itself is very thick and provides a lot of comfort to my son while nursing. I liked this pillow more than other brands that are comparable because I could actually use it while nursing in a rocking chair. This pillow is more curved around the waist so it actually fits while I sit in a chair with arms.


I received this Comfort & Harmony Mombo nursing pillow product free but these are my own opinions and views.

Our PiyoPiyo Baby and it’s sale time!


We love PiyoPiyo!  I think our favorite PiyoPiyo item is the satety weaning spoon. It is so soft and it was great for the first purees that were very liquidy.  Our little man loves the teether rattle (and it comes with a storage case – great for on the go!)


…and I just learned that Piyo Piyo is having a website relaunch sale

20% off their entire site until September 20! Promo code: NEWPIYO

Siliconies Teething Flower Necklace

Thanks to the Facebook I learned about another amazing teething and nursing necklace from Family Bedrock.  I actually won this Flower Siliconies and I absolutely love it!

The Flower Siliconies are for nursing or teething but especially I love them for teething. I get so many compliments especially when I pair it with a black tank top or white summer dress! Baby loves moving from one flower to the next chewing on each of them.  We were at the mall the other day and I was wearing him and the lady at the register called all of the other associates over to look at the necklace. She kept saying, “they never had those when I had kids…”

I wish someone would come up with a manly teething necklace that my hubby would wear…that way baby would stop trying to swipe at my husband’s glasses all the time! Definitely check them out because they are super adorable and baby loves them! 

Windel by Upscale Mom

Thanks to PTPA – we came across this great product called the Windel from Upscale Mom. What’s the Windel you ask? Well, I bet your can’t even tell that the beautiful framed picture of our son is a cabinet, diaper, and wipes dispenser. We keep all our essentials hidden – Burts Bees Baby Bee diaper cream, diapers, wipes, Hylands Teething Tablets, and even nail clippers. There is even a slot to put a box of tissues and diapers for easy access! It’s no wonder why the Windel is a PTPA award winner!
There are so many things that we love about it…First, it’s made in the USA. How great is that?!? Second, it’s designed by a mom…and moms know what other moms want and need!. Last and most importantly, it is super convenient, keeps the nursery organized and uncluttered, best part is that it is all hidden behind my little pumpkin’s picture. It goes perfect with the amazing job my hubby did with our Winnie the Pooh nursery. He painted and design the entire layout and the Windel is a great addition to the room!
If you are looking for the perfect accessory to your nursery, definitely check out the Windel. It will make your little one’s room complete…and tidy!
Upscale Mom has graciously given my readers $20 off their next purchase! Use LOVEMOM until August 30, 2013! 

The Windel Needs Your Help!  The Windel just made it past Walmart’s Audition round (had 4000 entries). If they make it to the next round, the Windel can be sold on Upscale Mom’s Windel is designed and marketed by one amazing mom. Please cast your vote at voting ends September 2. Feel free to vote daily! 

Vote here:


Philips Sonicare PowerUp Review and Giveaway

I just tried the Sonicare PowerUp before bed earlier this week and I am in love. Not sure if it was the PowerUp but I’ve even been sleeping better! I’m a simple gal…never had an electric toothbrush mainly because it seemed so expensive. I didn’t think I needed to splurge $200+ dollars to clean my teeth every day. I thought with just a little elbow grease and I could save the money and brush myself. But I have no excuse now that Philips came out with the PowerUp!


First, the PowerUp is under $20 and worth every penny!  It is so affordable and I am going out and getting one for the whole family. (I’m thinking Christmas gifts too!) By the way, it is such a bonus that it comes with batteries! Second, it has a 2 minute timer…helps me not overbrush when I’m trying to multi-task and great for the kids so they don’t try to cut their brushing short! Last and most important, it removes 2X more plaque and just moving my tongue across my teeth I could seriously feel the difference. I know my dentist is going to be super excited when I visit him next month (fingers crossed for no cavities and healthy gums) and it’s all thanks to the PowerUp!

As a mom, I’m always multi-tasking and thinking about what I need to do next. This morning I was holding the PowerUp in one hand and with the other hand I was picking up toys and putting things away. How great is that! It is no wonder 3 out of 4 surveyed preferred the PowerUp over their manual toothbrush!  It gets even better, one reader will win their very own PowerUp!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment with why you want to try the Philips Sonicare PowerUp. 

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Good luck!

Jellystone Nursing and Teething Jewelry

My latest obsession…nursing necklaces!  I discovered them online and now I can’t get enough…or should I say baby can’t get enough of them.  


A few months ago, we started having some breastfeeding challenges. Baby was becoming increasingly distracted while nursing – he would turn away a minute or so after latching, he would start swatting at my face, pulling my top, scratching my neck, trying to play with the nursing cover.  I took to Twitter and thanks to Katy @Stylin_Momma I got some great tips from other moms. She leads a weekly #bfcafe chat on Thursdays and it is great for connecting with other moms and getting breastfeeding support. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby is an amazing support but it is nice to chat with other mommies especially about breastfeeding because let’s be honest…there’s just some things that men don’t fully understand.    

So back to the issue at hand, distracted baby…A few of the mom’s suggested I try nursing in a quiet room. I tried that but he started swat at my face, try to grab my hair or play with the nursing cover.  Katy and a couple of the other moms suggested I try a nursing necklace – they all highly recommended Jellystone Designs. At first, I thought that I could just use my regular jewelry and let him play with that as he nursed.  I’m shaking my head as I typed that last sentence…it didn’t work. He wasn’t that interested and when he did try to reach for it…I was worried that it would hurt his tiny little fingers and I felt like I was being strangled

I have two Jellystone Designs necklaces and can’t get enough of them! I usually nurse in the cradle position and baby loves reaching up with one hand and feeling the pendant while he’s nursing.  I think it is something about the bright colors of the pendant that he was instantly attracted to and it looks great with my outfits. No one can even tell it is for nursing!  I love that these necklaces are 100% BPA free, non-toxic, look like regular jewelry, comes in great colors…and most importantly baby loves them! The yellow one is the jChews cell phone. He loves it because it looks like Daddy’s and he can chomp away on it! 

Cake Mix Cookies

I posted last month when I was blogging for Celeb Baby Laundry but it is so yummy I wanted to share it with any new readers! Super easy, chewy, delicious and no one will even know it came from a cake mix box! My hubby’s favorite is chocolate cake mix with mint chocolate chips.

Cake Mix Cookies

1 box any flavor cake mix

1 egg

1 stick of butter (softened at room temperature)

1 cup chocolate chips (optional)

Mix cake mix, egg and softened butter.

Place spoonful on a greased baking sheet about 2 inches apart.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 7 to 10 minutes.

I listed the 1 cup of chocolate chip as optional because you don’t need to add it. You can use walnuts, raisins, white chocolate chips…be creative! I’ve made chocolate cake mix with chocolate chips, chocolate cake mix with mint chocolate chips, yellow cake mix with chocolate chips (tastes like chocolate chip cookies)…yes, I am a choco-holic!

With all that extra time on your hands, you can sit back and relax! No one will ever know these yummy cookies are from a cake box!

Mommy and Me Yoga

Baby and I attended our first yoga class today! Thanks to Club Momme we enjoyed a fun yoga class with lots of other mommies and babies at the beautiful Exhale Spa. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Santa Monica and an even better day spending it with my little boy!  I consider myself to be a pretty active mama…babywearing, hiking with the dogs, walking daily but wow, mommy and me yoga is definitely harder than I thought. I didn’t realize how much extra work it is to lift another 20 pounds of baby! The babies in the class ranged from 10 weeks old to a few years old. I had a blast and we can’t wait for our next mommy and me yoga class! Maybe daddy will get in on the fun too!

Happy Family Review and Giveaway


Our family loves Happy Family!

We started baby on the Happy Bellies brown rice cereal at 5 months and now he’s 7 months and loving the Happy Bellies oatmeal, Happy Puffs, Happy Pouches. There are a lot of rice cereal choices out there but we decided to go with Happy Family Happy Bellies Brown Rice Cereal because it is gluten-free, whole grains packed with essential vitamins like iron, choline, DHA, as well as pre and probiotics . We recently started the simple combos and there hasn’t been a flavor he didn’t like but his favorite is still the kiwi and banana…AND just this week he started eating the Happy Puffs on his own (sorry, proud mama moment – I got a little teary eyed because my baby is growing up so fast!)


Why do we love Happy Family? First and foremost, it is owned and operated by moms. As a mom, I can truly appreciate products made by parents. Started on Mother’s Day in 2006, Happy Family’s products deliver superb nutrition with vitamins, minerals, probiotics and supergrains.  Sometimes buying organic can equate to more expensive but not Happy Family.  All of their products are very affordable and it is the only thing I trust for my baby’s growing body and mind.

But wait, Happy Family isn’t just for babys, toddlers and little kids…it’s for BIG kids too! My hubby and I chilled the Happy Squeeze treat caramel apple for a late night snack and loved it. It seriously tasted like a caramel apple with only 100 calories! We even take it with us on our outings to the zoo and my husband eats it as an afternoon snack to get him through the work day. It’s a yummy treat packed with lots of minerals, vitamins and ½ a cup of fruit!

Organic, enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals, no artificial ingredients, no artificial preservatives and a company that cares about the environment – that’s what makes this mama a very “happy mama” !

Another great benefit to Happy Family is every time you buy a Happy Family product, you also feed a starving child in Africa through Project Peanut Butter. You can find out more information about Project Peanut Butter on their website at

We are giving away (1) Happy Family Prize pack valued at $30 to one lucky reader. The winner will receive free trial coupons for Happy Family products, Happy Family Nutrition Guide (hard copy) and a Happy Baby organic baby t-shirt.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment with what you love about Happy Family and why it is the best choice for your family.

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