About Me

Hi everyone!

I’m Lori – a first time mom to a beautiful baby boy! I used to blog for Celeb Baby Laundry and now venturing off and starting my own mommy blog. I hope you will continue to join me on my first time mommy adventures.
A little about our baby journey: We found out we were pregnant in March 2012 and we were ecstatic! The first six weeks just flew by then I was hit with morning sickness until month five. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I vomited and it was so bad I didn’t make it to the bathroom and barfed on our dog…luckily that was only once! Our nursery was complete at four months, we went on two amazing babymoons to Hawaii and Japan and we had everything even our baby showers all done before 7 months…yes, you can say I am kind of crazy!
I read as much as I could (Babywise, Cry It Out, Sleep Solutions, What to Expect) but nothing could have prepared me for the little bundle of joy I hold in my arms.  Within the first week, I got pooped and peed on and not to mention the pain radiating from boobs from breastfeeding the hungry little monster.  For some reason, it came easier for my husband who never got peed or pooped on. He was calmer with him during the crying, feeding, diaper changes and baths.  I’m not sure why but I began to question myself as a mom – could I really do it? I was so scared to hold him and breastfeeding wasn’t at all easy. There were times when lack of sleep and frustration made me want to give up but I’m glad I didn’t. I’ll be writing more about our play dates, outdoor babywearing adventures, crafts, travels, baby food making and everything in between!
Hope you will follow us on our journey!
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