Battroborg: Perfect gift for that special dad, grad or just summer fun!

Battroborg, the award-winning motion-controlled battling robots game from TOMY that paved the way for a new generation of battling is on SALE NOW!  It is the first robotics toy of its kind, Battroborg uses advanced motion-control technology to bring the rush and grit of true in-your-face combat action. Whether you’re a brawler, a glass jaw or a southpaw, Battroborg promises pure excitement, ultimate battling action and knock-out fun! I love the wireless aspect of it, making it easy to maneuver and play!


It is the perfect gift for Father’s Day or that special grad who loves gaming! I know that my husband and son would love playing this all summer long! They would definitely love the combat one-on-one mode! Tag mode is perfect for our summer road trips to visit cousins; I know Battroborg will be a huge hit with all the cousins!


Check out Battroborg at your local Walmart for the new low price of $59.97($20 off original price) in addition to the $10 coupon below!


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