My #LittleVictories

As a SAHM, it is the little things that make my #LitteVictories like having enough time to take a shower while my son is napping, having extra energy to do the laundry AND fold it…if I’m lucky put it away too.  But it is so worth it to watch our now 18 month old grow, learn, and discover new things. He is now learning to eat with a fork and spoon on his own, say more words, help mommy clean, going on a slide on his own – it is truly the #LittleVictories in our life that make it so special.


With baby #2 on the way in a few short months, I am reminded of my breastfeeding journey with our son. It was a struggle with latching issues and mastitis but it was thanks to my supportive husband that I was able to get through it and it is one of the greatest accomplishments and proudest mommy moments. It was also thanks to social media that I was able to connect with other moms, lactation consultants and Bravado Designs to get the help and encouragement I needed. A few months after having our son, I learned about Bravado Designs on Facebook…and seriously, THANK GOODNESS! I literally live in my Essential Nursing Tanks. I ended up getting one for every day of the week because then I had something to wear even if I didn’t do laundry. They are so comfortable and never stretch out but still show off your beautiful body. I’ve tried a few other nursing tanks and the clasps are not good or they lose their shape…but not Bravado Designs. When I had my son almost two years ago, they only had white, brown, black and a few special colors. I’m loving their newest color, Mykonos Blue! And if you are in search of a  nursing bra look no further. The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is amazing!!! So soft and comfortable – it is definitely the best purchase you can make for yourself post-baby!


Be sure to share your #LittleVictories on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag @BravadoDesigns then be sure to head to: and enter to win! Here’s to our #LitteVictories! 


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