Siliconies Teething Flower Necklace

Thanks to the Facebook I learned about another amazing teething and nursing necklace from Family Bedrock.  I actually won this Flower Siliconies and I absolutely love it!

The Flower Siliconies are for nursing or teething but especially I love them for teething. I get so many compliments especially when I pair it with a black tank top or white summer dress! Baby loves moving from one flower to the next chewing on each of them.  We were at the mall the other day and I was wearing him and the lady at the register called all of the other associates over to look at the necklace. She kept saying, “they never had those when I had kids…”

I wish someone would come up with a manly teething necklace that my hubby would wear…that way baby would stop trying to swipe at my husband’s glasses all the time! Definitely check them out because they are super adorable and baby loves them! 


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