Jellystone Nursing and Teething Jewelry

My latest obsession…nursing necklaces!  I discovered them online and now I can’t get enough…or should I say baby can’t get enough of them.  


A few months ago, we started having some breastfeeding challenges. Baby was becoming increasingly distracted while nursing – he would turn away a minute or so after latching, he would start swatting at my face, pulling my top, scratching my neck, trying to play with the nursing cover.  I took to Twitter and thanks to Katy @Stylin_Momma I got some great tips from other moms. She leads a weekly #bfcafe chat on Thursdays and it is great for connecting with other moms and getting breastfeeding support. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby is an amazing support but it is nice to chat with other mommies especially about breastfeeding because let’s be honest…there’s just some things that men don’t fully understand.    

So back to the issue at hand, distracted baby…A few of the mom’s suggested I try nursing in a quiet room. I tried that but he started swat at my face, try to grab my hair or play with the nursing cover.  Katy and a couple of the other moms suggested I try a nursing necklace – they all highly recommended Jellystone Designs. At first, I thought that I could just use my regular jewelry and let him play with that as he nursed.  I’m shaking my head as I typed that last sentence…it didn’t work. He wasn’t that interested and when he did try to reach for it…I was worried that it would hurt his tiny little fingers and I felt like I was being strangled

I have two Jellystone Designs necklaces and can’t get enough of them! I usually nurse in the cradle position and baby loves reaching up with one hand and feeling the pendant while he’s nursing.  I think it is something about the bright colors of the pendant that he was instantly attracted to and it looks great with my outfits. No one can even tell it is for nursing!  I love that these necklaces are 100% BPA free, non-toxic, look like regular jewelry, comes in great colors…and most importantly baby loves them! The yellow one is the jChews cell phone. He loves it because it looks like Daddy’s and he can chomp away on it! 


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