First Father’s Day

It’s my husband’s first Father’s Day and I wanted to get him an extra special gift from me and C. He is seriously one of the hardest people to shop for because he is really picky and likes to buy stuff when it is on sale.

I went through the list in my head. The first thing that popped into my mind was Star Wars…maybe a book or figure? But I wouldn’t even know which one to get let alone what’s a good price. What about a car cleaning kit? BBQ grilling set? New clothes? No, no, no…I wanted the perfect gift to make his first Father’s Day extra special. Then it came to me! A fancy electric razor!



It was the perfect gift! My husband has never splurged on beauty essentials and this will be his first electric shaver. Second, he cut his face pretty bad TWICE in the last month. The razor (which will go unnamed) had one of the blades pop out and cut his face…the replacement blade from the same pack did it too! It was pretty bad; I reported it and sent the razor back to the company to investigate.
I did some research and found the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D shaver. I liked this one for my husband because of the three shave track flex, tilt and pivot system creating a faster, closer shave (and no more blades popping up and cutting him!) This is great because he shaves at least three a week for work and the less time he spends getting ready in the mornings means more time for him to sleep in. The LED screen in the front is perfect for his early (4:30 am) weekday morning routine – great for tired eyes because it will easily tell him when to clean, replace the head and battery life! He’s such an amazing dad because even after a long 10 work day he comes home and plays with our son. I love that it can be used wet or dry and it has a cordless shaving option – great for if he wants to shave in the vanpool during his hour commute.
I can’t wait to give him this awesome gift! I know he is going to be thrilled! Baby C and I can’t wait to give him lots of kisses after he tries his new Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D razor!
Tomorrow (June 11, 2013) +How To Be A Dad along with @AVENT_US and @ShaveExperts will be partying on Twitter at 8 PM ET.  I’m so excited to chat with these fun guys to talk about “new dads”! Join the conversation at #NorelcoDads to #win great prizes! Tweet you then!

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